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Wordless Wednesday 

Mostly wordless. 

I’m on vacation with the family in Cancun. Limited internet access calls for limited posting. Also, I’m liking being mostly inaccessible. Let’s chat next week. 

Memory Shmemory

A *mostly* Wordless Wednesday post today.

I’ve been thinking about our old house lately. It has only been 3 1/2 years since we moved from the city to the suburbs, but in many ways it feels much more time has passed. While I am grateful for where I currently live, I miss certain things about our former residence. (mostly the yard). Looking through the images of the interior (I took most of the following pictures the day after we moved out), I am surprised at how small it looks now.

Anyway, here are some pictures.


Below-The family, one week before the move.


Garden boxes.


Basketball court and mountain view. I miss both…


Swell parties were held in this fine kitchen


This room, long, narrow.





First weekend in the new place.


(Mostly)Wordless Wednesday

Where I was. Where I wish I was. Where I will be again.

Back From the City

December in NYC is a strange and wonderful experience. An already crowded city becomes more so, as tourists and locals alike wander about, shopping, gazing at the amazing decorations, eating spectacular food, enjoying the festive time of year.

I fully expect everywhere I go in the city to be crowded, all the time, no matter the month, but I did not anticipate the extra crush of insanity December would bring. On Saturday we wandered down the heart of 5th Avenue, along with tens of thousands of other human beings. At times, we could not move for the mass of people, everyone waiting for the light to change, the person in front of them to move. The holiday lights were mesmerizing and the display windows equally stunning.


It was uncomfortable at times, but most people were happy and friendly.

Rockefeller Center also impressed and the tree was beautiful.


On this trip we were joined by some great friends from Salt Lake City. We had a great time showing them our favorite places, like the American Museum of Natural History and Central Park. img_8048


We spent an interesting day out at Liberty and Ellis Islands. The temperature hovered around 30 degrees with winds approaching 35 mph blowing us all about. On the ferry ride over, the gusts took my breath away. Liberty Island is always a bit disappointing. The statue itself is impressive to look at, but the view from the water is equally good and does not require leaving the boat.


Ellis Island, on the other hand, never disappoints.


I am always awed by this room and the emotions it brings out. Imagining the thousands of hopeful immigrants who passed through this space inspires me. Members of my own ancestry were among those who entered the United States through this location. I wonder if I would have been as brave as they were. img_8031

We stayed in Midtown again (in the smallest hotel room/broom closet), making getting about very easy. We enjoy taking the subway, but prefer walking as it offers us a chance to see more. Even with the cold and crowds, I loved wandering the streets of Manhattan, especially in the evening, absorbing the lights and sounds.


Seeing the city near the holidays was an unforgettable experience, but I think next time we go, I’d prefer and October visit. Anyone else want to come along?


On Monday night, I took my son and a friend of his to the gym. Because I am out of shape myself, I chose to stay as well, do some cycling, walking and weight lifting. I’ve been a member of one gym or other since my 30’s and I have to say, the current one contains the fittest of the fit. It is a little intimidating and very strange. But that isn’t saying much as any gym is an odd place, filled will all sorts of people doing all kinds of weird things.

As I prepare to do my equally strange exercises, I people watch. Strangers walk down crowded isles towards the storage cubicles (where they stash keys and coats, phones, sweatshirts), the one working drinking fountain, and  I can’t help but wonder about their stories, backgrounds and motivations.

When they hover around machines, waiting for others to finish or their bodies to recover between sets, what sorts of things are they imagining, worrying about, pondering? My routine is to clear my head as much as possible, focus on the motion of my body, the tension in my muscles. I use this same technique while cycling outdoors, concentrating on the road in front of me, the approaching terrain. I am never as much in the now, the present as when I am biking, working out. I wonder why I don’t do it more.

Wishes and fishes, eh…


During the time I was in the gym, a winter storm that had been threatening all afternoon decided to strike. Several inches of snow covered the parking lot and visibility was reduced to less than 200 feet. I hate driving in the snow, well driving in the snow when there are other cars about. It takes a different kind of focus and determination. It sets me on edge, that sort of effort. By the time I made it home, my neck hurt and my fingers ached from clenching. Winter announced itself with a bang, and while I do find a snow covered landscape beautiful, it will be a very long time until the green leaves and deep blue sky return.

Here is an older photo taken after a particularly lovely winter storm and of Keyara making paths. That girl loved the snow so much.



Tell me about your winters, your routines, your thoughts, if you dare.


Post Script- I’m still playing around from time to time at this lovely blog.

It is filled with images of found objects and short stories to accompany them. Check it out. Share it if you think its cool.




As the entire family is home today, I considered taking this week off. It is a holiday weekend, after all. Laziness is the word, the goal. Then I got to thinking, taking a week off three weeks into a writing goal is like taking a cheat day three days into a diet.

I am really good at cheating on a diet, in case you were wondering. If there were an award for it, I’d always be in contention for first place. Everyone needs a skill I guess.

I also wish there were an award for going to New York City.


The wife and I will be heading back to our favorite place on earth in December. Part of measuring how much I love a particular city is visiting when it is either too hot, too cold, or both. I clearly remember walking down a frozen Boston street in early January, the wind whipping around my face, my friend and I wandering towards a fine watering hole for a drink or seven, and thinking how much I loved Boston.

Honestly, I already love NYC so much that I don’t think any weather or event would alter my opinion.


We will be taking the Red Eye again (which we did last November), but this time have arranged an extra day at the hotel. Being exhausted with no where to sleep made for a rough morning, though it did give me opportunity to take some lovely morning images.

What about you? Where are your favorite places to vacation? Do you like visiting cities? If so, which ones stand out for you?



The last of them had gone, leaving behind stacks of empty cans, tipped over bottles, crumbled and crushed food in the rug. It had been a great night.

Martin flopped on the sofa, letting the plush, welcoming cushions absorb his weight. Casually, he used his left foot to push aside a few items from the corner of the cracked coffee table (the result of an impressive night of mock wrestling gone too far. Jacob still wore the battle scar near his eye), then put both feet, one over the other on the glass surface.

Head back, his brain swimming, he finally realized how much alcohol he’d consumed that evening.

Many of his friends had come. Some he had not expected to see. He thought of Odette, the way she’d lingered close to the kitchen, her hand clutching a plastic cup to her left shoulder, the coy smile as he approached, and her subtle look-away when she lightly touched his arm (which made his heart skip).

He ran his finger over his lips, pretending the salty residue was a remnant of her kiss. He would call her in the morning, at least text, tell her how happy he was she had come. If overcome by a sudden surge of bravery, he might even ask her out. Stranger things and all.

Various scenarios ran through his mind. He closed his eyes and let them go where they wanted. Imagination obliged. He was happy in his distraction. So much so, he failed to hear the door creak open, didn’t notice the sound of someone walking across the floor into the living room, failed to sense the shadow as it passed over his legs, up his body, until it finally stilled, resting patiently on his face. IMG_1050

All over

Because I can never keep all my postings in one location, I am also blogging on a different WordPress page.

Only One Shoe

I’d been playing with the idea of a photography blog that incorporated some short fiction. I felt my photography skills were lacking, so rather than just throw up bad photos, I worked on making better ones. I’m pleased with my efforts and the results I would love to read your reactions and ideas (even criticisms), so please, tell me what you think.

Love and such….