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The Letter A

I need a jump start, a reason, a purpose to write more on this blog, which sort of feels cowardly, and mildly pathetic. If I don’t want to blog, I shouldn’t, right? No one expects it, needs it, will know if I refuse this A to Z blogging challenge. Maybe this is just for me, and maybe that is all that matters.

Do I need an overall theme? How about- 26 random blogs with subject matter completely dependent on my selfish mood. I like how that feels.

Today- A, which stands for Acceptance.


I accept the challenge to write one blog a day, excluding Sundays, for the month of April. Each day, the post must have something to do with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. Twenty-six letters, twenty six days.

I accept that this will be hard for me, because I’m lazy lately when it comes to blogging. I also understand that I am attempting this challenge for very selfish reasons.

If I complete this challenge (wait, let me rephrase that, WHEN I complete this challenge), it will mark the most blogging I have done in a one month stretch since the creation of this blog, and certainly triple the amount of entries for 2016.

I’m going to challenge myself to also read blogs from others participating in this challenge, and to comment on said blogs. I want to participate more, contribute more, meet new and different bloggers, be part of a community.

Gosh, I’m an accepting sort of guy.

Day 1- Complete.


Shifting Spaces Redux

I am always in flux, never satisfied with  many things around me. Some of those things are trivial, like how rooms in my house are arranged (gotta move stuff downstairs again. I need a different perspective), how many shoes are in my closet (I need some green or yellow Vans), or the total number of compact discs on the shelf (some  have more, most have less).

Those less important things are easily remedied and flipping a room, buying shoes or adding discs provides some respite.

Other things, I can never satiate.

No matter what I write (no matter how good it seems or how bad), I always need more. Every sentence demands a different, better one. I can spend the whole morning writing, thinking, writing more, and by the end of the day, I feel a compulsion to do it all again. And nothing is more intimately frustrating and pleasurable than sitting at the computer, waiting for the words to make sense. On days they do, I trick myself into thinking I have made a breakthrough, that the thoughts are going to flow out of me unceasingly. Yeah, sure thing.

When I first started this blog, I wanted a catch all place, one location where I could dump whatever I wrote. I used Blogger before WP, I had one for ramblings, another for creative things. I liked the division, didn’t like how I never knew what was being looked at.  I crave conversation-which is part of why I write and post these things, but I am finally getting that most readers don’t comment, which is totally fine. Still, I don’t like thinking I am just posting stuff and no one is reading it. Which is why I switched to WordPress.

WordPress offered stats…I like stats. I get to see what people read (not who) and from that, I can blog about things that interest my friends and myself. While I still crave comments and conversation (here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, or in private email if public conversation bothers you), having numbers to look at and crunch is almost as good.

After looking at the trends, It is obvious to me that the creative stuff isn’t as interesting or widely read as the other stuff. I’m surprisingly alright with that.  There is no way I am not going to continue sharing my creative side, but my need to change, to do different things has lead me to seek other outlets.

I am moving the majority of my poetry (flash fiction and stories don’t have an exclusive home yet) to a Tumblr page. I don’t get the stats (I also don’t have to see low numbers of views. Ego, Ryan), but I do get a little more flexibility. The WordPress blog feels like a place I need to be more focused and careful, while Tumblr gets to be flippant and random.

And because I need a place where I can be cheeky, I have another Tumblr for odd ends and tidbits. Sometimes, Facebook is limiting-Too many young ones, family and such that really don’t care about what offensively vulgar song I am listening to or what random sentence I feel needs its own little space.

So there you go…I shift, I change, I ebb and flow. Come along for the ride if you would like. Bookmark, share (pretty please), respond, ignore. I welcome your voices and your presence.

Everything always filtered by something.Versification and misconception.  Enjoy!

Shifting Spaces

Blah blah and triple blah.

I am moving myself over to this fine wordpress page. I am not sure this will make me write more, less, the same, or if it even matters. Rather than having two pages that I never look at, I thought that having one page to catch all would be a better idea. Regardless, I am here, I am writing, I am wondering.

now someone get me some coffee!