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A Few Words on a Wednesday

One month before the placement of twin seven year old boys in our home, Sheryl and I took our last vacation together before becoming parents. I’d never been to San Francisco, we both wanted to go, so we went. It sometimes seems like only yesterday.

I don’t think I had the slightest idea how my life was about to change, or how insane being a parent would be/is. Looking back, I wouldn’t change one damn thing. I’ve got great kids who are less than 6 months away from graduation. I love them. But once again things are about to change in a huge way, and as before, I have zero clue about the how.

Anyway, here are three pictures from that trip. It was a really good time. Also, don’t pay any attention to the plastic bag in the last picture. It isn’t really there. You’re mind is playing tricks on you.



A Nibble

Last Thursday (18th) The Insecure Writer’s Support Group  held its second Twitter pitch party. I was a bit reluctant to participate, not because I think these events are bad ideas, but because of the frustration I felt after so much work and zero reward last time.

Of course when the day came, participation happened. I remembered that sitting around not tweeting pitches was a sure fire way to never get an agent or publisher to take a look at my writing.

I wrote two pitches the night before, but wasn’t satisfied with them the next morning. A bit of rewriting, some drama over what genre to place one particular manuscript, and I hit send on the first tweet. Before I could copy and paste the second, someone liked the first. For those who don’t know, agents and publishers search through the pitch party hashtag  for book ideas, and someone liking your pitch is an invitation to send an official query. In my experience with Twitter pitch parties, when likes come quickly, it is a friend who doesn’t understand what’s going on, or another author thinking the like is a good thing.

Imagine my surprise when an actual agent liked my pitch.

A few hours later a different pitch for the same novel received two more likes. My other two manuscripts also received some interesting attention from two individuals. Unfortunately neither of those opportunities are a good fit for me or my work.

Now the waiting game begins. Sending a query, even one per agent request is no guarantee of a full manuscript request or an offer, but man, it is so much closer than I was on Wednesday. Even if these opportunities fall through, I’ve at least learned that one manuscript has potential and that information is priceless.

I’m very grateful to those IWSG members who put together a fantastic event. It is the best writers group out there. Any writer who hasn’t joined yet really should.


Working Lunch

I’m super busy editing “From Water” and I really want to working at it so I can actually keep the goal of self publishing soon. But I’d also like to continue my Wednesday blog posts. So, instead of some rambling paragraphs about what I’m writing or not writing, you get this fine photo.

I’d intended to use it as part of a black and white photography challenge, but it wasn’t as interesting as some of the others and I set it aside. Looking at it today, I’m struck by the contrasting lines and bleak background. Seasons change. I get older. And I like this photo today.


IWSG-January 2018


Welcome to the first IWSG blog hop of 2018. Check us out and sign up here.

We also have a great Facebook group and a very active Twitter feed, so do yourself a favor and join the fun.

I’ve always struggled with the concept of new year resolutions. Not because I don’t like setting goals or pondering what I’d like to accomplish over a given time period, but because of the arbitrary nature of selecting one particular day just because of when it occurs on the calendar. If I set a goal, it is because I want to achieve something, change something about myself, and while I would never begrudge someone for choosing to start some project, path, etc on New Year’s Day (seriously, good for anyone who works to improve themselves in any way regardless of when they decide to start), I get a bit put off by all the fuss.

Now, after writing that arrogant paragraph, I will follow up by saying that I have made all sorts of writing goals for myself in 2018 (my hypocrisy knows few bounds). Starting of, I will be participating in the IWSG Twitter Pitch party on January 18th. I am hopeful, but realistic once again. I don’t know anyone who has had much success with pitch parties, but I am always willing to participate. If you happen to have a grand story, please share it with me.

Sometime in the next few months, I also plan to self publish a novella titled “From Water”.  The process may take longer than I expect, so please don’t hold me to that few months deadline. Also, I have submission goals for the year as well (numbers and whatnot, but I think I’ll keep those to myself). I plan to query agents, submit stories, be as aggressive as possible.

The interesting part to me is I’ve made most of these goals before and not followed through. Perhaps I’m being naive, but I feel like this time around will be different. I have my wife fully in my corner, pushing me to get things going, and that means the world. I’ve wasted far too much time planning. It is time for some progress to be made.

As always, I’d love to hear what you’re doing, accomplishing, thinking, planning. Let me know.