As the entire family is home today, I considered taking this week off. It is a holiday weekend, after all. Laziness is the word, the goal. Then I got to thinking, taking a week off three weeks into a writing goal is like taking a cheat day three days into a diet.

I am really good at cheating on a diet, in case you were wondering. If there were an award for it, I’d always be in contention for first place. Everyone needs a skill I guess.

I also wish there were an award for going to New York City.


The wife and I will be heading back to our favorite place on earth in December. Part of measuring how much I love a particular city is visiting when it is either too hot, too cold, or both. I clearly remember walking down a frozen Boston street in early January, the wind whipping around my face, my friend and I wandering towards a fine watering hole for a drink or seven, and thinking how much I loved Boston.

Honestly, I already love NYC so much that I don’t think any weather or event would alter my opinion.


We will be taking the Red Eye again (which we did last November), but this time have arranged an extra day at the hotel. Being exhausted with no where to sleep made for a rough morning, though it did give me opportunity to take some lovely morning images.

What about you? Where are your favorite places to vacation? Do you like visiting cities? If so, which ones stand out for you?


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2 responses to “Third”

  1. Liesbet says :

    While I like the occasional visit to NYC, my favorite American cities are San Francisco and Washington DC. I like to be able to breathe in cities, so space is important. Central Park makes up for that in Manhattan. Favorite vacation destination? No idea. I don’t go on vacations… life is one big vacation. (Now I am the one talking out of one’s rear end…:-)) I’d love to sit on a warm and pretty beach right now, toes in the sparkling clear water and a snorkeling trip over healthy reefs on the agenda! Or, taking the Transiberian Railroad in the summer.

    • fenster says :

      I am full of contradiction.I dislike large crowds, but love being in NYC. Maybe it is the travel companion that makes the place so special to me.

      Also, as it is snowing here in SLC, I too would rather be on a warm beach, drinking tropical beverages, hoping I put on enough sunblock to avoid a sunburn.

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