Memory Shmemory

A *mostly* Wordless Wednesday post today.

I’ve been thinking about our old house lately. It has only been 3 1/2 years since we moved from the city to the suburbs, but in many ways it feels much more time has passed. While I am grateful for where I currently live, I miss certain things about our former residence. (mostly the yard). Looking through the images of the interior (I took most of the following pictures the day after we moved out), I am surprised at how small it looks now.

Anyway, here are some pictures.


Below-The family, one week before the move.


Garden boxes.


Basketball court and mountain view. I miss both…


Swell parties were held in this fine kitchen


This room, long, narrow.





First weekend in the new place.


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4 responses to “Memory Shmemory”

  1. Crystal Collier says :

    Aw. Sweet memories. I look back at some of the places we lived and wonder HOW. (Yes, in all caps.) Life is an adventure, eh?

  2. Liesbet says :

    Hmmm. Don’t most people take photos of their places before they move in and not before they move out? 🙂 Sweet memories. I like small houses. I’m sure your current home has some advantages as well, right? Can’t you see the mountains from the front? I guess it is not the same as from a back yard…

  3. Ellen says :

    Sometimes I think about our old house and one of the things I miss most is our yard and the garden we had there.

  4. jmh says :

    Both look like really nice homes. It’s always challenging to move, even when you’re heading toward something amazing.

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