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The Most Impact

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine tagged me in a Facebook post, challenging me to share a list of ten albums that had the most impact on me, and that still got regular play. I’ve made this sort of list many times in the past, and have my *go-to* albums I usually pull out whenever someone asks for my favorites.

I fully intended to do the same with this challenge, convinced that these records still were representative of my current tastes. I stood in front of the stacks of records and CDs, pulling out the albums I wanted to use. I made a mental note of them, made my first post.

I wrote a few paragraphs detailing why this record was important to me, how it has affected my musical appreciation and the sorts of music liking this record opened up for me.

So far so good.

Day two was much the same- an album, a description, an hour spent thinking about what that music has meant to me. Then my father commented that while he loved the album in question, it was not his favorite from the band. I was about to argue in defense of my choice when I realized it wasn’t my favorite either. In fact, it might have been my third favorite. At that moment, I realized this list was going to be very different from others I’d created. I no longer had interest in a list of favorites, but rather a list of records that pushed me forward.

Any mental notes I’d made about the remaining albums were tossed aside. With a different perspective and mission, I went through the records again. At least four of the titles I planned to use didn’t remain on the revised list. Some I never expected to be on the list suddenly needed to be there.

In the end, I think this current list is a much more accurate representation of my musical education. One realization, I talk a big game about my varied musical tastes, and while I do enjoy all sorts of music, my favorites reside in a very narrow style window. Which means I need to give more attention to other genres, styles, and see if one of those albums might push its way onto the list. Some are very close. Some I haven’t owned long enough to see where they take me.

It was a very fun project and as I always love listening to music, a great opportunity to spend ten days listening to the stuff that had the greatest impact.

Here is the list if you’re interested. It isn’t in any particular order.

Isis- Panopticon
Big Country- The Crossing
The Cure- Pornography
The Police- Synchronicity
David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
The Nocturnes- Aokigahara
Russian Circles- Station
Siouxsie and the Banshees- Peepshow
Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine

If asked, what sort of list would you make?

IWSG-April 2018

I’m writing today while listening to one of my favorite records of all time. You should listen to them and then be sad they don’t make music anymore. I want you to feel my pain.


You know the routine by now. First Wednesday of the month blog hop time. Check us out and join up here.

The optional question for April-When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

Interesting how (for me) when the writing life is cloudy, its likely because the rest of my life is pretty sunny. It’s not that I have to be sad to write, but when I have loads of positive things going on, it is very easy to allow days or even weeks to pass without sitting down at the laptop, being creative. Even sadder, I find I don’t miss writing as much when I’m in that sort of situation. I still write on this blog, occasionally put some story idea down so I won’t forget, but actually composing something new…


One trick I’ve used in the past to keep myself motivated is dusting off an older work and editing. I’m one of those odd writers who loves the editing/revising process almost more than creating the first draft. I enjoy restructuring, rewriting, hammering the rough edges. That is where ideas become complete (or at least more realized). Few things get my writing juices flowing like looking through something I’ve already completed.

What about you? Also, tell me how much you love editing. I don’t want to feel like the weird one anymore.