A Hard Thing

I’m struggling this week with the hectic and frightening mood permeating my country. The dieification of the military, the proliferation of forced patriotism frightens me.

I cannot help but shake my head and wonder what terrible thing lurks around the corner.

I do not believe my government really acts in the best interests of its people, and I do not believe that any of the current conflicts are doing anything to preserve my freedom or protect my rights. 

Governments do not give rights, but they sure know how to suppress them. 

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8 responses to “A Hard Thing”

  1. artistpath says :

    I share your concerns.

  2. Liesbet says :

    Something bad sure is brooding and I am worried as well for the moment the seams will burst. I notice the two extremely opposite sides of every story, conflict, event, but cannot understand the other side. Neither do I understand why this guy is still in charge and gained so much power and followers. There is no more common sense.

    • fenster says :

      When I was a kid, the military interested me. I had no concept of what real war was like (still don’t) and playing with toy soldiers made combat seem glamorous. But,even then, watching military parades gave me the creeps.

      Adult me is even more afraid of that sort of bravado.

      I don’t remember when freedom, America, the flag (all that jazz) became synonymous with the military, but looking around, I see the result, the complete indoctrination of the American psyche. It frightens me. No solider in my lifetime has fought to preserve or protect one freedom for anyone in this country. It frightens me more and more, this worship of the State.

  3. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    It’s times like this that makes me glad I live on a sailboat which gives us the means to leave on our floating home if things continue to get worse.

  4. Nick Wilford says :

    Sometimes I wonder where it’ll all end. Things seem to get worse by the day.

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