A mostly Wordless Wednesday post-

Athena is almost 6 months old. While still a puppy, she is no longer the tiny little thing we brought home in July. She just passed the 50 pound mark. I can already see the adult dog she will become, and she will be amazing. Her guard instincts have kicked in and she spends many content hours staring out the windows, waiting and watching. I love her more and more.



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5 responses to “Wonderful”

  1. Liesbet says :

    Oh so very sweet! She looks quite content and alert by the window. Does she bark a lot? Can she distinguish the likable visitors from the despicable ones yet? 🙂

    • fenster says :

      This is her job now. She chose it. As for barking, she does do that from time to time. She doesn’t distinguish between people yet, which means she needs to meet more of them.

  2. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    Such a sweet looking puppy. She’s really grown quite a bit. Love the shot of her keeping guard and protecting the house.

  3. jmh says :

    Aw, she’s so cute. Sorry I didn’t get to meet her–next time!

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