A Few Words on a Wednesday

One month before the placement of twin seven year old boys in our home, Sheryl and I took our last vacation together before becoming parents. I’d never been to San Francisco, we both wanted to go, so we went. It sometimes seems like only yesterday.

I don’t think I had the slightest idea how my life was about to change, or how insane being a parent would be/is. Looking back, I wouldn’t change one damn thing. I’ve got great kids who are less than 6 months away from graduation. I love them. But once again things are about to change in a huge way, and as before, I have zero clue about the how.

Anyway, here are three pictures from that trip. It was a really good time. Also, don’t pay any attention to the plastic bag in the last picture. It isn’t really there. You’re mind is playing tricks on you.



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3 responses to “A Few Words on a Wednesday”

  1. Liesbet @ Roaming About says :

    I bet you were trying to put that plastic bag outside of the photo frame, right? I have attempted that before with a backpack, camera case, hat and glasses… to no avail. Or, maybe it was garbage that you only saw after the photo was “developed”?

    San Francisco is an amazing city and I’m glad you got to enjoy it. I think, once the kids have graduated, you should head back for a weekend, to “book end” raising the boys into successful adults, celebrate parenthood and some kind of anniversary. 🙂

  2. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    I would love to get back to San Francisco one day. I’ve been there several times when I was younger and it would be neat to see how its changed over time.

  3. jmh says :

    Congrats on raising two great kids.

    I’ve only been to San Fran once, and it wasn’t with the right people, but what could I do? I was sixteen and they’d invited me to share their vacation. Being dragged to one McDonald’s after another, in the midst of such amazing seafood restaurants, was heartbreaking, though.

    Hope to go back one day…when it’s not as cold and rainy. It was late July when I went, but freezing.

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