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IWSG – August 2019

Loads of good music to listen to today. If I might suggest one song, let it be this one.

It’s delicious.

And without further introduction, it’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it is time for…


…monthly bog hop.

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The optional question for August – Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you’d forgotten about or an ending you never saw coming?

When I was working my way through the initial draft of my second novel, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted the story to be about, who would live/die, and how the end would come together.

I kept a writing journal, moments, ideas, thoughts that came to me during the composing process. I read it again recently, intrigued by the way I approached the story, the conflicts, the difficulties (and writing is always full of difficulties). But what really stood out- How off I was in the beginning when it came to almost everything the finished draft became. Characters evolved, changed gender, names, motivations. Some who were supposed to be killed off early on, talked themselves into survival, then into becoming catalysts for events, actions, changes. By the time I was wrapping up the first draft, the entire story had evolved, and while the overall tone was exactly what I hoped, the way things came together were unexpected and surprising.

I cannot recommend a writing journal enough. I certainly would have forgotten most of the process I went through while writing. And looking back, seeing my insecurity, uncertainty, confidence and passion helps immensely when approaching any new project. I’ve done it before, and beyond the finished product, I have a detailed map of how I got from point a to point z.