I honestly didn’t realize I’d missed blogging last week until Saturday. I’ll pretend it was because of all the bustle leading up to my family hosting TWO Thanksgiving dinners. Yeah, that’s the reason. I was certainly distracted by the massive list of things I had to do, clean, cook, prepare. When you are about to welcome and feed close to 50 people, the pressure can get to you.

I’ll stick with that. I was too busy.

But really, Thanksgiving was great! We usually host both families, but have one group over on Wednesday night to make things a bit less stressful. That didn’t work out this year, so we decided to have my family over at noon, Sheryl’s at 6. That gave us just enough time to smoke turkeys, make sweet potato casserole, prepare gravy, cook stuffing. We rely on the others for the rest of the food, and they always come through with fantastic pies, sides, rolls.

I’m fortunate to have both parents and all my siblings living near me, and while we get together often, Thanksgiving is still special. I’m also extremely lucky to have fantastic in-laws. I love my wife’s family as if they were my own. They are a huge part of my life and I am thankful for their love and friendship.

I’ve become quite sentimental in my old(er) age. My emotions run closer to the surface, and being in the same room with the people I care most about makes me insanely happy. This year was particularly poignant. Several times I found myself close to tears. I am grateful, thankful, joyful.

And the best part- I get to have all these wonderful people in my house again on the 24th of December for another fantastic evening of food and family. It really is a pretty great life.


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6 responses to “Love”

  1. jmh says :

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

    I’m thankful I got to meet you.

  2. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    It sounds like you had the perfect Thanksgiving and a lot of food. Are you still eating leftovers 🙂 I consider myself lucky to have had a wonderful mother-in-law and father-in-law. Glad you have wonderful in-laws too.

  3. Liesbet says :

    What a wonderful time by the sounds of it! Maybe a tad stressful to split the day in two and trying to get everything done on the same day. I guess you couldn’t use leftovers from the first Thanksgiving party for the one in the evening? 🙂

    Thanksgiving has always been my (American) husband’s favorite holiday and this year was special for us as well. We didn’t spend it with family, but with animals and friends.

    • fenster says :

      It is a great holiday, and one of the few that seems to really be about something other than self gratification. Though I might be crazy. I’m glad you had a great holiday!

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