A Little Behind

Halfway through the NaNo month and I’m already behind. It shouldn’t surprise me as I’ve been hanging out with my wife every day since last Friday. It is easy enough to write and focus when the only distractions are the dog and maybe the urge for an outing to the bookstore, but when your favorite person is home, writing desire goes out the window.

And as today is my birthday (don’t ask, I’m really old), my motivations are low low low. I’ve new music to spin on the turntable and Sugarhouse BBQ is calling my name, begging me to come eat there tonight.

I’ll get it together, I promise. This weekend, I’ll be heading to Cedar City to drop my boys off at SUU for their Red Riot shindig for high school seniors. I’ll have 15 uninterrupted hours to write something clever.

The good news- Writing short stories has been a great idea. I’m sure they will all need loads of work after the month is over, but I honestly enjoy the editing/rewrite process (almost as much as the creating part). Once there is a completed draft to work with, so many interesting possibilities present themselves. I’m hopeful there is a quality manuscript waiting in the jumble of words and images I’ve been throwing together.

How about you fine writers? Any good works flowing from your fingertips?


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4 responses to “A Little Behind”

  1. jmh says :

    Happy birthday, Ryan! No shame in taking a break to spend time with your favourite person. Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.

    I’ve now caught up to the point that I’m only two days behind. Hopefully I can stick to this pace.

  2. artistpath says :

    I’m behind too! Happy birthday 🎂

  3. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    Happy birthday! I’m terribly behind on NaNo but that’s because I’ve been utterly focused on editing, so at least something writerly is happening.

  4. Liesbet says :

    Happy belated birthday, Ryan! We were in Cedar City not too long ago. Enjoy your uninterrupted writing time. I have many distractions here in San Diego (and Mark returned “home” after two weeks as well), but I’m keeping to my schedule of writing in my memoir every morning. And, I do enjoy the rereading every newly created chapter and making small edits (for now) as well. I hope some of your stories shape up to be perfect and successful.

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