Local Hang Out

A (mostly) Wordless Wednesday post.

Had some fun at my favorite bookstore today. The Printed Garden is such a fantastic place. I cannot say if Foot Solutions is also as great, but I’m betting no.


It is always good to spend an hour (or more) talking with store owner, Aaron Cance about books, or listening to good music (or both, always both). I feel quite fortunate to have a place like this in my community, a store run by someone who is passionate about books, someone who creates a welcoming environment for all sorts of ideas, gatherings, conversations. Local people, you need to check it out. For the rest of you saps, there is online shopping for you (or a visit to Salt Lake, if you wanna hang with me).


I’ve spend a good deal of money on signed books from the glass cases. IMG_8961

There are lots of fun books for kids and teens as well.


Plus, you can take cool, artsy photos like this one (courtesy of the bookstore owner).IMG_6207

Admit it, you totally want to come hang out with me and buy books at this store.

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13 responses to “Local Hang Out”

  1. artistpath says :

    That looks like a fantastic book store!

  2. Shannon Lawrence says :

    You’re absolutely right; what a great bookstore! How do they get so many signed books?

  3. Ellen says :

    There’s nothing better than an independent bookstore that really knows and caters to its community. Looks like a fabulous place.

    • fenster says :

      It really is. I want this store to be successful and thrive, so I plug it everywhere and with everyone. Online sales are a huge part of that, so I figure the more who know, the more who might buy, yes?

  4. Jessica Triana says :

    It looks like an amazing book shop. Shame it’s half a world away for me, but if I ever visit america it will go in my itinerary!!!! Is there a link to the online shop somewhere?

  5. jmh says :

    I do! It looks like an amazing bookstore, and bookstore owners are the best!

  6. Liesbet says :

    Yes I do! And, one day, it might actually happen, who knows? We’d love to come house and pet sit in Salt Lake City one nice spring, summer or fall. In the meantime, I’ll salivate virtually with you. 🙂 Is this the place where you help out once in a while as well?

  7. Agness of aTukTuk says :

    I love bookstores and this one seems astonishing! Excellent post!

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