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Our family trip to Cancun was, as usual, wonderful. I can never get enough time near the stunning waters of the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean. I have not stood and stared out at every sea, but I would still argue the water near Cancun is among the most beautiful in the world.IMG_8723

Even before I had ever actually seen one, I was compelled, intoxicated by the thought of the ocean. Incomprehensibly large, powerful, beautiful, my first experiences on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean have stayed with me throughout my adult life. I was 19, living in Maine, serving a mission for the LDS church. I stood on the sand of Old Orchard Beach, near dusk, staring out at the retreating tide, the evening sky darkening the water. I was humbled. Nothing has frightened or thrilled me as much as staring out at that vastness.

Most likely because of my affinity for the ocean, our Cancun trips usually consist of a week of sitting on the beach, gazing out at the water. The hum of it is endless. The ocean looks and sounds different as each day progresses. I tried to capture some of it.

At sunrise the sky dominates, and the ocean is a muted turquoise. IMG_8719

By mid morning, the sky pales and the blue green water is nearly impossible for me to look away from.IMG_8722

In the evening, the colors and textures are stunning.


Under a bright yellow moon, words fail me.


Last. A slightly edited image (shadows and light to bring out the textures of the clouds, the water) of an approaching storm. IMG_8718

I am glad to be home, back to the usual routines, but I miss the constant sound of the waves, the insistent wind. I’ll have to go back soon.



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9 responses to “Back From”

  1. Liesbet says :

    You describe you affinity for the ocean well, Ryan! Life near the water is mostly bliss. Life on the water can range from peaceful to scary and full-out dangerous. The sound of never-ending waves lapping – or even crashing when at a safe distance – on shore is one of the most magical ones and I can listen to it forever as well. Welcome back. 🙂

  2. Raillynn says :

    The ocean and I are soul mates. I grew up by a large body of salt water, but it is not the ocean. However, it instilled in me the NEED for salted air and filled me with wonder at the rising and lowering tides. I’ve seen several large bodies of salt water and I will agree that the Caribbean is the most beautiful I’ve personally seen and one of my favorites for body surfing. Fact is, I could live anywhere in the world, as long as it was on the ocean. I have a hard time pondering living without it. Thank you for your lovely photos. I’m happy you are all home safe and sound!

    • fenster says :

      I am with you! I find myself craving the water, that salted air. When Sheryl and I look to Leave Utah, I always point to places where there is close proximity to the ocean. It is a hard to resist pull.

      • Raillynn says :

        Living next to the ocean gives me a different kind of life energy too. It’s like the ocean has so much kinetic energy, one cannot help but absorb some! We’ve been looking a lot at different ocean-side places to reside recently ourselves. I see no reason to resist the pull, haha!

  3. Crystal Collier says :

    I agree with you! I love Cancun, but we get many of those same vistas (or close) in Florida. I’m going to say though, that would be a way more awesome place to serve a mission than my poor hubby’s “Pennsylvania” call.

  4. Ellen says :

    Lovely pictures of the various colors, shapes and forms that the ocean takes depending on her mood. I love the ocean as well, although she can be a scary place at times.

  5. jmh says :

    I’m a big water lover too. I’m endlessly fascinated by the ocean. So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.

    Those are some gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

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