Wednesday Morning- 10:30

The sun came up this morning. Not surprising, but still a good thing. Right now (late morning), the sky to the west is a lovely deep blue, and a light breeze is blowing from the south east. Autumn is usually my favorite time of the year. This one has been vexing.

I sat out on the porch, sipping coffee and watching the cars pass (people on their way to wherever, whatever), taking in one of the last warm mornings of the year, contemplating.


There is much to think about.

Today, I am grateful for small things because the larger context of the world feels overwhelming. I am thankful for my family, for friends, who mean the world to me.

I love them

I am also missing my two girls, which isn’t a new emotion, but very near the surface today. I love them too. Dogs are the best. They love regardless. Always, unconditionally. They have much to offer and teach us.


Some days are harder than others, and some events more poignant and devastating (which is of course a matter of perspective, a point of view, but that doesn’t diminish their affect). Yet after each one of those difficult moments, the world keeps spinning, offering us another chance to make a difference, continue fighting.

Maybe this time, this today

Someplace to start, at least. An opportunity to recommit, determine to love more fully, work harder and make my small corner of the world better.

I can control that, at least.

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2 responses to “Wednesday Morning- 10:30”

  1. Liesbet says :

    Those are sentiments well-expressed, Ryan. We will adjust and overcome our initial emotions. Just like with a loss (as this feels very similar), time will heal some wounds. The sun did come up, and in a splendid way at that, which is a good thing. And, as you say, a start to improve ourselves and our lives, beginning at a personal level. Let the sun warm our bodies and our souls… and raise our spirits. Friends, family, dogs and nature, they can pull us out of the depths.

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