A Fun Afternoon With the Doctor

I’ve known I needed to visit the dermatologist for at least a year. A few places on my face and neck were exhibiting troubling signs. One red mark refused to heal, and occasionally was quite sensitive to my razor. Like too many people, I kept putting off what needed to be done. The excuses were easy and silly. Finally, the smart part of me (tiny as it may be) won out and the appointment was made.

Sitting, waiting in the exam room, I started getting nervous. I answered a few questions for the assistant and was told to strip to my underwear, (good thing I’m completely comfortable standing about in only my boxers. They’re cute, really) and put on a gown.

She informed me I was to get an all over screening. Suddenly I was convinced I had all sorts of skin issues and cancers. Every tiny mark and blemish became larger and more asymmetrical in my mind. I started to sweat.

I really need to relax and tell my brain to shut the %*&# up.

Lucky for me, I have a great skin doctor. Within minutes, he had diagnosed my problem areas (two basal cell carcinoma) and reassured me that I was going to be just fine. I do get to return in two three weeks to have them removed. I hope I get to keep a lovely scar in the end.

The best part of the visit was the biopsy. I adore getting numbed up and having chunks of flesh forcibly removed from my head. On the plus side, I get to walk about town with a giant band-aid on my right cheek. I should take a picture of the wound and share it, right?




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5 responses to “A Fun Afternoon With the Doctor”

  1. Liesbet says :

    I’ll just assume you are being sarcastic in that last paragraph. Scars do look cool, though! Or, you could get a tattoo instead. I hope all will be taken care of comfortably and in a timely manner. I have never been to a dermatologist. Based on my husband’s stories (who has a very high risk of skin cancer, because of his awful cancer gene and needs six-nine month check-ups), you were lucky to be parading around in your boxers, instead of naked! 🙂

    • fenster says :

      I feel lucky. I do my best to protect my body from sun exposure. If I’m out for more than a half hour, I use lots of sunscreen. I always wear a hat outdoors (silly bald head) and can’t remember the last time I was out without a shirt. Sadly, I wasn’t always this smart, and my neck and cheek have paid the price. It should be routine.

  2. jmh says :

    Ouch! I’m so glad you got those areas looked at. Skin cancer is usually very curable, but some cases can spread quite rapidly, so whew! I’m very relieved you’ll be okay.

    • fenster says :

      I should be peachy after they excise the two spots. I had an all over screening and have now made plans for yearly appointments. When we are young and immortal, it is easy to believe ourselves immune from certain things.

      • jmh says :

        Very true. And the stereotype that men resist going to the doctor appears to be a stereotype for a reason.

        Congrats on breaking with tradition! 🙂

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