Summer of Insecurity

The first Wednesday of the month is when the Insecure Writer’s Support Group gathers for our monthly blog hop. Thanks to Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh for keeping things groovy and grand.

A bit of drama to begin. It seems I’ve been removed from the list of bloggers (or else my eyes are shot and I’ve missed my blog on the sign-up page), but I’m going to post and link regardless.

If you’re unfamiliar with the IWSG-

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Check us out here-

Sign up. Meet neat folk. Talk about your successes and failures.


The chapbook is one poem and two pages away from being a complete draft. Depending on what happens during the edit, I may add another poem, but how things have been constructed, the flow of the text makes me think I’ve reached the end. I’ve already had some amazing input from a few blogging friends, and I can’t thank them enough for their insights and suggestions. It is easy to think I see all the mistakes in my own work, but new eyes readily see what old ones miss. Never again will I underestimate the value of good readers.

I could still use more eyes to read the complete draft if anyone is interested.

Of course, I’m falling into the same old trap- convinced one day that the poems are brilliant, only to feel that are rubbish the next. The harder I work on a project, the longer it takes to complete, the more I’m convinced I’ve failed. Odds are this feeling will never go away, and I need to become better at dealing with it. To my credit, I haven’t trashed the entire document in a fit of despair, but I admit to once or twice wishing  a hard drive crash would take care of things for me.

The Chapbook contest opens in September. I have until it closes at the end of October to edit and get the courage up to submit. I can already see the scene- I hover over the page, unsure if it is ready for submission until finally, in a moment of complete abandon, I click send, only then noticing the glaring spelling error on the first page.

So, enough about me. What’s got you flummoxed or blissful this month?



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21 responses to “Summer of Insecurity”

  1. jmh says :

    Have you missed two IWSG posts in a row? If you do, they remove your name. That could be it.

    Good luck with your book! Submit, submit, submit. The only thing worst than failing is not trying at all. I believe in you.

  2. Diane Burton says :

    Good luck with your submission–because you ARE going to submit, right? Whine all you want. That’s what we’re here for. 😉

  3. Michelle Wallace says :

    You HAVE to submit the poetry! 🙂
    If you’re on Facebook, then you should join the IWSG Critique Circle where you can link with the poetry group and maybe find a CP or two.
    Here’s a link:

    P.S. As Holli mentioned, your name is only removed if you miss two posts in a row…

  4. Angela Wooldridge says :

    Of course you should submit, what’s to lose? And don’t worry – we ALL have those days of veering between thinking it’s rubbish and brilliant, that’s why you need other people to look at it.
    Good luck!

  5. Liesbet says :

    Go, go, go with the submission! You are well ahead of the game time wise, it sounds like. If you don’t try, you won’t know. Good luck with the chapbook! And with this, I would like to repeat/confirm that I think you are a good writer. 🙂

    • fenster says :

      Thank you for your continued support and kindness. I am ahead of the game, but that last poem…it vexes. I’ll get it figured out this next week or so.

  6. ahtdoucette says :

    Awesome news on the chapbook! I’ve been wondering how that was going. From the part I already read I can tell you for a fact it is definitely not trash. In fact, I’ve been hankering to see the rest, to see how this story cycle goes. You have this fascinating style and use of words that really shone in that format. Anyway, good luck! I just looked and I don’t see you on the IWSG list either. 😦 Unless it’s under another name?

    • fenster says :

      Yeah, I think I’ll have to resubmit my blog to the page. No biggie. Blogs at the top and bottom get more hits anyway, right?

      Thank you so much for the kind words about the poetry. I’ll send you the second half when I get the final poem written. Because it is the final section, it is fighting me more than I’d like. I’ll get it soon enough.

      • Liesbet says :

        While I am not a poetry expert at all, I don’t mind reading your last poem and give you the opinion of a non-poet… While I am very honest, I don’t know how valuable my opinion would be, though. I do write personal poems, but they are very simple and I have no English literature background or knowledge of anything poetry. But, the offer stands. 🙂

  7. authorcrystalcollier says :

    So wordpress hates me lately. No kidding. This is attempt #3 to comment. I’m so glad you have some awesome readers! They are totally invaluable.

  8. Susan Gourley says :

    I know what you mean about thinking your work is pretty good one day and thinking it’s terrible the next. Good luck with your chapbook.

  9. houseofrogue says :

    Well said and really familiar!

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your feelings and the insecurity they can bring.

    Keep it up !

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