I live in a town where the trees seem to grow in a slanted lean to the north. It is an exaggeration, as the wind blows from each direction on occasion, but in summer, when I most notice trees, when their leaves form canopies of green, the wind mostly comes from the south.


I have a story brewing in my head: There is a far off town, where the south wind is constant. Some days, the wind is stronger than others, but every day, all day, the wind blows. Plants bend north, people learn to walk with their bodies into the wind, always into the wind.

One day, a bright boy asks, Why does the wind always blow? And why always from the same direction? There is no answer because no one understands the question. It is like the sun in the sky, the dirt underneath their feet, the cycle of the moon. There has always been the wind. It has always been this way. It is natural.

The boy is small, and he accepts the answer. It is that way because that is the way it is. He puts the question out of his mind, until one night when he is awakened by a whisper in his room. Someone is calling his name.

All else is silence, as if the wind has stopped.

He is frightened, but gathers the courage to respond. From the corner of his room, a shadow moves, and a figure glides to the center of the room.

It speaks his name again, then adds, “Change is upon you, and everyone will be afraid. Do not give in to fear.”

The next morning, he hears it before he understands. The wind has changed direction. The world is upside down.

The narrative gets fuzzy there, but I will keep pushing at it. It will come out eventually.

The A to Z challenge is over! I want to thank all the other bloggers who have stopped by and commented on my posts. Likes are great, but it is easy to feel sometimes that we are writing only to ourselves. I am grateful for the conversations. 

My goal in attempting this challenge was to rekindle my enjoyment in writing this blog. I have accomplished that goal. I am going to take a week off (a road trip to see a band I really like), but plan to write weekly again once I return. I will also continue visiting the blogs I’ve discovered during the challenge. I like the thought of being part of a writing community, a gaggle of bloggers. We are so clever, the lot of us.

I hope to chat with you all again soon. 







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5 responses to “Zephyr”

  1. Yolanda Renee says :

    It’s a very intriguing start of a story. I’ve no doubt the answers will come to you – just keep asking the questions, right or wrong there will be answers! Good luck!
    It’s been fun, the A to Z challenge, but so glad it’s over and I can get back to writing too! I’ll still blog, just not every day! 🙂
    Happy May!

  2. artistpath says :

    Congratulations on your A to Z challenge! Great story!

  3. Shell Flower says :

    Congrats on finishing the challenge and being inspired. Your story sounds really cool. You should write it!

  4. amymorrisjones says :

    This is rather a mean post… I want to know what happens next! Enjoy your week off–you’ve earned it!

  5. Liesbet says :

    This is a great start for a story, Ryan. I hope you finish it and share it with us! I’m curious to see how your characters react to change, as I am curious about that phenomenon in real life as well. Knowing a lot of (old) people who love their routines, I think it can be seriously daunting to change your ways or get used to something new…

    It was so great “meeting” you and following your blog. I hope you keep the writing up. I will be back. Enjoy your road trip… Which band are you chasing?

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

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