I have my weekday routine-

Breakfast/read the paper
Make coffee
Write for 2-3 hours (or more depending on the project)
More coffee (or tea if I’m feeling saucy)
Read on the sofa in the living room or video games if I need an activity requiring less focus
Boys arrive around 3 (in the spring, they have track. I get them around 5)
Homework and ask dad time
Wife gets home around 6
I make dinner
Kids vanish with friends or into their smelly rooms
Wife and I talk or watch television
Wife falls asleep on sofa
I watch bad TV until midnight

I like to think of myself as a pretty casual guy, willing to accommodate change and the unexpected, but honestly, when something messes with this routine, I find myself frustrated. Especially when that interruption happens in the early part of the day. Those alone hours in the office, writing, listening to music, are my golden hours. I hold them close.


P is for Pliable                                              

I feel I am an open minded fellow, willing to listen to new ideas, different ways of looking at things. As a writer, I’m constantly searching for ways to improve my writing, exploring all sorts of concepts and tricks. I am politically fluid, I lean left, but as I age, I see the value of all sorts of more conservative ideals. This is not to say I don’t hold certain values as sacred. I have learned I am sometimes mistaken, and holding to values or ideas that are clearly wrong or misguided is foolish, and not something to be admired. I spent way too much time as a younger man clinging to the wrong things.

It baffles me that I am so rigid when it comes to this weekday schedule.

On weekends, our family often flies by the seat of its pants, off on whatever adventure or errands require our attention. This fluidity makes me happy, and I embrace the weekend with a happy heart.

I need to find a way to allow for more flexibility, only because my annoyance at interruption annoys me. It feels like a weakness. Isn’t that when I’m supposed to want change?IMG_5225



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4 responses to “Pliable”

  1. Beth Camp says :

    Because writing is such a complex and yet ephemeral process, maybe that attachment to routine is a way of affirming that writing is at the heart of those early morning hours — during the week. Those weekends balance all. I’m thinking it’s hard enough to hold that precious week work time separate without talking yourself into being more pliable. Doctor appointments, phone calls can all be scheduled in the early afternoon, right? Most of the time.

  2. amymorrisjones says :

    This sounds very familiar! I work from home, and when my family gets the odd day off from school/work, it really messes up my day. I think that’s why I started my A-Z posts with Adaptability–to try to encourage this trait in myself! Good luck on your mission to become pliable! If you figure out the secret, please share!

  3. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor says :

    I don’t know if I’m that scheduled, but I don’t always like impromptu things. I need to know in advance if something is going to happen, otherwise I feel like it has messed up my day, even if my day was going to consist of doing nothing.

    Cheers – Ellen |

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