The Letter A

I need a jump start, a reason, a purpose to write more on this blog, which sort of feels cowardly, and mildly pathetic. If I don’t want to blog, I shouldn’t, right? No one expects it, needs it, will know if I refuse this A to Z blogging challenge. Maybe this is just for me, and maybe that is all that matters.

Do I need an overall theme? How about- 26 random blogs with subject matter completely dependent on my selfish mood. I like how that feels.

Today- A, which stands for Acceptance.


I accept the challenge to write one blog a day, excluding Sundays, for the month of April. Each day, the post must have something to do with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. Twenty-six letters, twenty six days.

I accept that this will be hard for me, because I’m lazy lately when it comes to blogging. I also understand that I am attempting this challenge for very selfish reasons.

If I complete this challenge (wait, let me rephrase that, WHEN I complete this challenge), it will mark the most blogging I have done in a one month stretch since the creation of this blog, and certainly triple the amount of entries for 2016.

I’m going to challenge myself to also read blogs from others participating in this challenge, and to comment on said blogs. I want to participate more, contribute more, meet new and different bloggers, be part of a community.

Gosh, I’m an accepting sort of guy.

Day 1- Complete.


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16 responses to “The Letter A”

  1. Shell Flower says :

    The A-Z challenge is a great way to meet cool new bloggy friends and find cool blogs. I am not participating this year, but I did it last year and in 2012 and it was a great experience both times. Good luck and have an awesome time. The more blogs you visit, the more visitors you will get. Most of the A-Zers are really good about reciprocating comments.

    • fenster says :

      Thanks for reading. I hope this challenge is exactly as you describe. I need to do so much better at contributing/commenting on blogs. I so enjoy the few conversations I get here on my own. I’m determined.

  2. Jessica Triana says :

    Great first post, love your self-professed self-indulgence… and why not? I’m also looking to make blogger friends but don’t really ever blog much except in April… Look forward to reading more. 🙂

    • fenster says :

      My blogging laziness is the stuff of (personal) legend. I always want conversation, but apparently not enough to actually go out and communicate. Here’s to changing that trend.

  3. Beth Camp says :

    Good start! I must confess I begin each April wondering if I will have the tenacity to actually complete each of these so precious 26 days of writing/blogging. So, after reading your post, I’m once again ‘accepting’ the challenge. May the month go well for you!

  4. Michelle Wallace says :

    The A to Z challenge is the perfect way to find your blogging rhythm! 🙂
    26 random blogs with subject matter completely dependent on your selfish mood? I say, go for it!
    Spontaneity produces the most authentic posts!
    Enjoy the challenge!
    Writer In Transit

    • fenster says :

      I hope that spontaneity also provides for interesting reads. I guess if nothing else, the train wreck of jumbled and poorly executed posts might provide some light entertainment.

  5. racheln92 says :

    This is my first time doing this challenge, but I think that’s a perfectly good reason to do it. Good luck with the Challenge though.

  6. Liesbet says :

    Great first topic for the A-Z challenge! Acceptance… it is so important with many facets in this life. I once had it as my “Word of the Year”, trying to work on this wise behavior or think about it throughout the year. Some days were easier than others. Most of the time, I am too selfish to accept certain behavior of others. 🙂 I did accept the A-Z challenge as well, though. Cheers to that.

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    • fenster says :

      Acceptance is not always easy, and perhaps some things need to never be acceptable. Cruelty for example, is never alright. I love that it was your “word of the year” once. That had to be an eye opening, challenging experience. Perhaps I’ll have that sort of courage.

  7. kimberleycooperblog says :

    Good luck with the challenge 🙂 Random posts rather than a theme gives you maximum flexibility – hope you enjoy!

  8. ondray says :

    Just have fun 🙂

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