I wish I were in New York City-


That is not to say I am unhappy here, in my house with my family, my music and books. I have learned that location, while sometimes somewhat relevant, should not adversely affect my joy. I choose how I respond, what I allow to distract me. Today, this photo distracts.

It reminds me of the thrill I get while walking those streets- The mass of humanity, the isolation I can feel in the middle of millions of people, juxtaposed with an intimate connection to everything around me.

I know so little of it, and could easily find myself hopelessly lost at any given moment. I’ve seen only a small amount of what this city has to offer, its horrors as well as its pleasures. It should frighten me more than it does.

I have other things to do today, words to write and read, people I should connect with, but I am transfixed, held in place, almost dizzy with wanting to be someplace else.

We could walk the streets together, one arm around the other, holding on, coupled, eyes up, hearts locked, until our bodies ache, and our legs refuse to carry us one step farther. We would want more. We would always want more. 

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