Nothing to Find there but Disappointment

I am a sucker for nostalgia. I can spend an afternoon lost in memory as well as anyone. In fact. there were several years when I spent as much time pondering the past, being thrust backwards by smells, sights, locations, a gust of wind, than I spent in the present.

It isn’t healthy, really, spending all that time in remembering, regardless of the cleverness of experiencing the old emotions. That longing only serves itself, and that sort of selfishness can consume everything around it.

When I find myself slipping again, taking another slow meander through my mind, it requires a great deal of effort to push myself up and out. I must be deliberate and sharp. I refocus on my present, the wonderful people that fill my current life with so much joy and potential. The past is past, and I do no one any good in lingering there.



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One response to “Nothing to Find there but Disappointment”

  1. Shell Flower says :

    Nice. Be here now. It’s okay to get nostalgic now and then, but being mindful in the present is truly the way to move forward.

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