On the Plus Side…

It’s December already? Time once again for the monthly gathering of the Insecure Writers Support Group, offering another chance to write about what plagues us, our successes, offer encouragement and be all around good people. Check out the site, then join in if you’d like.




It seems like yesterday I was in NYC, in my hotel room writing my blog using my phone (which I won’t do again). It was an epic trip, if you were wondering. I can never get enough of that place. Now, November is over, my novel is not finished, and it’s really cold in Salt Lake City.

I’m surprisingly okay with the 1st draft not being complete. Losing those 6 days made more of an impact than I expected. Rather than struggle through days, writing 1000’s of words I wouldn’t like, pages that would need to be cut or completely rewritten, I chose to keep focused, reach reasonable and manageable word goals, picking my sanity over 50,000 words. I did get close to 35,000, and will most likely complete the draft this week. All in all a good month. I am calling this a success. I’m happy with my efforts. The way I choose to see it, I will have completed three novels in three years. That is something to be excited about.

Now, if someone knows an agent and wants to lend me a hand…wink.

See you all next month.




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5 responses to “On the Plus Side…”

  1. Karen Walker says :

    Hi Ryan. Yeah, I call 35,000 words a huge success. Three novels in three years. I’m so jealous. My novel took six years. But I’d never tried fiction before. Great excuse, ha!

  2. Tricia says :

    That sounds like a great month of writing! 3 novels in 3 years is also awesome. Nice job!

  3. Cathrina Constantine says :

    Hi, Ryan nice to meet you. I’ve heard of lots of agents, but have yet to get one myself. Congrats on your writing accomplishments thus far and wishing you loads of luck!!!

  4. Ula says :

    Congratulations on the words written and great attitude! You can search for agents on twitter using #MSWL, which means manuscript wish list. Good luck.

  5. TCC Edwards says :

    Sounds like a plan! I think you have a great attitude. I know I’ve done my own versions of NaNoWriMo where I change the word count or the time allowed. I did my first NaNoWriMo over a period of 50 days, 1000 words each day, and the second I did 500 words each day over 30 days. I was proud of myself both times – because I *finished* – so no need for shame!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for December’s #IWSG!

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