Plans Are Only Plans

I have to remember the most important thing about writing. Writing is different for everyone. Saw a post the last week about someone having finished writing NaNo at 83.000 words. This was on November 10th. My mind is officially blown.

I struggle to get 1600 words most days, and if I’m lucky, find an extra 400 or so lying about. This is not to diminish my accomplishments or to express envy at someone else’s ability to write so much so fast. It is to remind myself that no one way is the right way, and no one writer is the same as another.

I had plans to finish my novel before the end of the month. Plans are just that. The week in NYC has had its affect on the writing time-table. I’m those same 6 days behind. But really, what does it matter? The schedule is mine and the draft will be finished in my allotted  30 days. What does it matter if the name on the month starts with a D instead of an N?

It may matter to me. It doesn’t right now.

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One response to “Plans Are Only Plans”

  1. Damyanti Biswas says :

    We all write and dream at our own pace!

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