I’m a Writer

The act of writing is what makes someone a writer.

It’s alright to feel insecure, just don’t allow insecurity to stop the writing.

All writing has some value.

That said (or written), there is good writing and bad writing. Good writing can come from bad writers, and bad writing from good writers.

Mistakes should always been learning experiences.

Practice helps make better writing (and writers), as does being able to accept harsh criticism. Critiques are not personal attacks, don’t take them as such. In my experience, I’ve written almost as much awful stuff as quality pages. I’m grateful for those who point out my weak writing. These are the people that care most about my development.  I trust them.

Being unwilling to edit is not helping your writing. No text is perfect, especially a first draft.

Finding a community of writers to ask advice, bounce ideas off, is a good thing, but being unwilling to offer the same services in return is quite selfish (anyone want to be part of my community? I’ve always got advice and writing to share).

Getting paid for what one writes is a nice bonus (or so I would imagine, as I have not yet received any payment for all this awesomeness I put on this blog), but in most cases should not be the motivating factor (I’m right on this one, I’m sure of it) for wanting to write.

I don’t know everything about writing. Tell me what you’ve learned.

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