Saddle Time

I am back on the road bike for the first time in nearly three summers. I feel much better, and while I am not at 100% (or even 80%), I am able to ride without feeling sick or absolutely drained afterward. I don’t need to nap afterward, or wonder why I’m get weaker rather than stronger. I’m getting better, finding my stamina, even starting to seek out areas to do some short, but vigorous climbs. I’m feeling the competitive juices again, wanting to beat previous times, other riders on certain sections of road.


It is hard work, attempting to regain what I have lost, and to make it more difficult, I am older, slower. The years away from cycling have resulted in lost muscle mass, and ability. I want so badly to climb the way I could before, attacking the road, conquering the hill and my own weaknesses. Sadly, I may never get back to that point, but I am getting better, getting stronger, finding my determination.


I accomplished a 30 mile ride this last weekend, then followed that up by cycling 18 more the next day. I road with friends and family, which added to the experience. It reminded me of what I loved about cycling- the feel of the road, the sweat in my eyes as I climb, the rush of wind as I pedal through sprints and downhill stretches, the accomplished feeling of riding hard. Most of all the pleasure of good company of others out doing the same thing.

I’m remembering that that riding makes me happy. It’s nice to feel that again.

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