In Keeping with Tradition

I’ve been listening to more and more vinyl. I know its become trendy again and I am a sucker for certain sorts of trends. I cycled when it was trendy (both mountain and road). I’ve often worn trendy hairstyles, clothing and shoes. I like to pretend I pierced because I was expressing myself, but really, I was jumping on a trend.

There are always justifications.

This time, I’m telling myself this is a return, not a beginning. I’ve owned records since I was 6 years old. With the exception of a few completely worn out or broken items, I still have the entirety of my record collection. It was never huge, somewhere between 75 and 100 records, but it was mine. Recent additions have doubled the collection, and though I will still buy compact discs, I can feel my trend following heart wanting to buy nothing but vinyl.

I’d forgotten the sensation of holding the covers, the feel of the sleeves and the sound, that tiny pop, when the needle hits the record. I even adore the moments of hiss on older albums. In many ways, it feels like finding an old friend, one who is just as glad to see you, welcome you back, as you are to see them.

Here are a few examples-

chelseaThese four are from Chelsea Wolfe. If you don’t already listen to her, you should start.

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