An Unexpected Turn

“I’ve never been much for watching scary movies.”

Her voice, a whisper in the quiet of the dining room, where soft clinking of silver and glassware can sound like gunshots to the unprepared. I look around, searching for villains.

“But, I adore books filled with suspenseful moments.”

She paused. I took a second bite of fresh flounder (caught that afternoon by a man named Lars), seared in butter and seasoned with a dash of pepper. For a second, I wonder if she is slowly poisoning me.

“I can control the pace with a book, move my eyes to the next words, flip the page when I am ready, tease myself with wonder, revel in the anticipation. You can’t do that easily with film. Film does everything for you.”

She twists her pasta with a salad fork, and I am suddenly aware how hot the room has become. My lips sweat. Everything instantly an exercise in self control. The wine breathes in a decanter to my right. I would drink it all if she’d let me.


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There are some who call me, Tim?

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