So Much the Better

When I think back on the friendships I enjoyed when I was younger, I often miss the innocent (odd word, I know) connections I shared with a variety of different people. Because none of us were fully formed (set in our ways, full of life experience) with most of our huge mistakes and missteps still ahead of us, our philosophical, political, religious differences were not barriers to our friendship.

Some early relationships have remained and most of those have grown stronger, again despite our differences. As for the others, most of them are tenuous at best. Some are silently hostile, and only remain active because of some ridiculous idea that because we knew and liked each other once, a continued social media connection is expected.  

My adult friendships are based on different criteria. Not necessarily common beliefs, but common goals. These adult friendships are more fulfilling, as they should be.

As I have aged, my list of friends has shrunk. I’m alright with that. The friendships I choose to nurture (some from high school or even elementary school) mean a great deal to me. When we talk, share time together, I feel connected to them in a way I find invaluable. 

I don’t share this to diminish or call out any particular person or relationship. Instead, it is meant as a reflection, a moment of memory and comparison. I hope it is received as such. 



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There are some who call me, Tim?

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