The Struggle Within

I have said way too many stupid things in my life. So many, that I often find myself shaking my head in disbelief when I ponder them. I have been too judgmental, too condescending, too cruel towards people who deserved better from me.

Maybe it is because I’m older, or maybe I have just grown tired of all the cynicism. It could be that I have lost my tolerance for smugness, that sense of superiority we all feel when we look down on someone for their actions, choices, likes and dislikes. Regardless of the reason, I’m sick of reading, watching, seeing, hearing people try and bring other people down.

I’m going to start making a change. I’m going to try and keep my mouth (or fingers) shut when something annoys me or I feel that desire to belittle. Smart money says I will fail from time to time, but I’m hopeful.

About fenster

There are some who call me, Tim?

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