Playing Blue

When I fumble about with the guitar, I often wish I had made myself learn it when I was in my teens. It is never too late to challenge myself, but beyond playing with a few friends during a casually put together evening, I don’t know where to let it take me or what to do with it.

I get better, slowly…I get more interested in creating music with others, but there are always barriers. There are always barriers.



About Ryan Carty

There are some who call me, Tim?

2 responses to “Playing Blue”

  1. JD Hamil says :

    Bring your guitar over to my place sometime! We’ll get my buddy Colin over here. We like to play and create with sound and voice. You might dig it.

  2. fenster020 says :

    You know, I think I would really enjoy that. I’m so nervous about making/playing music with others…my lack of knowledge is stunning and sometimes gets in the way. That said, I’m willing to make an ass of myself.

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