Better than Christmas Morning

My adult musical tastes have leaned towards more independent bands and record labels. I still buy my fair share of mainstream music by large record companies, and I enjoy that music almost as much as anything I buy from smaller labels, but the majority of the bands I really respect and adore make music in  near obscurity.

It is no secret, I love finding different and new (to me) bands. I love music that challenges me, that inspires and moves me emotionally. I enjoy my fair share of silly stuff, mindless stuff, thoughtless stuff, but the music I really hang on to tends to be a bit more serious in nature. I refuse to get stuck in any one genre, any decade or movement, any one style of music. Too much great stuff would get ignored if I limited myself that way. I try to stay open to all sorts of things and welcome suggestions.

I have written about Sargent House records before, and suggest that anyone looking for new and innovative bands to listen to almost any and every band they represent. Examples-Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle, Helms Alee, Indian Handcrafts, Mylets, Deafheaven, Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles. It is a diverse catalog and worthy of your efforts. Cathy Pellow (owner of Sargent House)  runs a great twitter feed as well. No one loves and promotes their bands better than she does.

hydraheadAnother fantastic  label is Hydra Head. Sadly, they are in the final efforts of their long career of putting out great music. A benefit for fans like me-they offered an unbelievable deal on compact discs recently. I picked up a grab bag of 30 discs for 40 dollars, postage paid!

I love several bands on this label-Jodis, Knut, Cave In, Jesu, Cavity, Split Cranium. Sadly, I have not spent as much time as I should have exploring the incredible bands this label has to offer. Buying 30 discs in one shot was one way to get a good sample, but it was risky. I could easily end up with 30 copies of music I already have and enjoy. I was lucky. Only five were records I already own.

When I got the box in the mail, it was just like Christmas morning. So much to open, and so many bands I wanted to listen to instantly. There is no doubt what I will be doing for the next few weeks.

Also, I’m looking for good homes for four of the five discs that are duplicates. Check out Jesu and Kayo Dot. If anyone has interest, let me know.

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