Who Would You Kill

I was reading an article in the Salt Lake Tribune today about a BLM employee who was transporting horses in western Utah. He claims that two men in a pickup truck pulled along side him, flipped him off, then drove away. Shortly after, on a second encounter with the same vehicle, the men displayed a sign which read, “you need to die”, while one of them appeared to point a hand gun at the BLM employee.

An idle threat? Perhaps, but certainly a cause for concern with the current anti-anything government mentality running rampant lately.

I am not interested in the reasons why these men felt justification in threatening another person. I am even less concerned about perceived or actual misdeeds by the BLM. People disagree for all sorts of valid and ridiculous reasons. In this situation, none of those reasons are good enough to justify killing someone.

Some would disagree with me. Which makes me wonder-what would motivate me to take up arms?

I understand wanting to protect my family. If someone was trying to harm those I loved, I would certainly give anything and everything to protect them. I believe I could kill someone in that sort of situation. I understand making that choice.

What is less clear, and what I think is a more interesting question-Who would I seek out and kill because of my convictions?

I am not talking about pulling the trigger on a rapist, a burglar, someone with a gun pointed at you or your child. I’m talking about actively seeking out someone to kill. I am honestly having a hard time thinking of anyone, or any reason.

Who would you?

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One response to “Who Would You Kill”

  1. Aaron Kammerman says :

    I can’t think of anyone I would seek out to kill. There are many criminals still alive that I think should have been executed already (one being the Fort Hood shooter). That’s the closest I come to actively seeking out somebody: wishing that violent criminals (rapists, murderers, etc.) would be executed quickly.

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