When I Find What I Find

At any given time, there will be a stack of recently purchased CD’s on my desk.  Some of them will be new to me, while others will be things I once owned, but traded in. Some will be records I borrowed from the library and, feeling a but guilty, finally bought hard copies. Often, I discover records I wanted to own years earlier, but didn’t have the money to buy, or groups from the 60’s and 70’s that my father introduced to me.

discsThis is the current stack. It represents three separate trips to the record store. Among the titles is a live record from Big Country that a friend burned for me. I found it for three dollars and couldn’t let it slip.

Another is a  live disc from Built to Spill, which includes a 20 minute cover of Cortez the Killer. I always seem to buy the live records last.

On one trip, I located a used copy of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Live Rust, as well as a rare live record from The Mission.

When I go to Graywhale CD, I will ask the staff for recommendations. Last week, I was guided to a fantastic record by a band called Thou. Heavy stuff, but I often like it heavy.

I listen to each record at least once before putting them away. It is a simple routine, but one that serves me well. I upload the songs to iTunes, then stack the discs one after the other in the order I plan to listen to them. As I blog, write some ridiculous story, browse the same fifteen internet sites, I listen. Sometimes the songs blend into the background and I almost don’t recall hearing them. Other times, records and songs stand out, and I stop typing or reading. I love those moments. Usually, I share those songs.

There was a time when I thought sharing the music I liked was presumptuous. I worried that my friends and family would be annoyed. Then, one morning I had a personal moment of clarity. If the people I consider friends and family had zero interest in the things that were important to me, then maybe I needed different people in my life. They didn’t have to like the same things as I did, but if it bothered them that I wanted to share music or stories with them, it wasn’t on me to feel bad about it.

After that moment, the choices were easier. I write what I want to write and share it regardless. I hope people find it interesting. I share the music that inspires me. I hope it inspires others.

Have a great day.


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