I took the dog to the Vet yesterday. She was due for her yearly teeth cleaning and wellness check. The good news, her blood work was normal, and she is in pretty good health, considering she is pushing 13. Sadly, she had to have a tooth removed. It did provide some funny moments. My poor Keyara, all doped up on morphine, wobbly and wandering, desperately looking for an exit from the terror of the doctors office. Somehow, she had the presence of mind to keep herself from peeing all over the floor. The moment we were outside, she let loose.

154I love this dog.

She has been through the wringer-Two complete knee reconstructions, had a tumor removed, her elbow stitched up after a mid afternoon brawl with our other dog, Sage.

When she was a puppy, she loved to chew stones. She broke off the tips of all her canines. It gives her a clever smile, if nothing else.

She used to play soccer with me in the back yard, pushing a flattened basketball about with her front paws and nose. Trying to get the ball by her was difficult. She could react quickly, throwing her body in the path of the ball.

She is slower now, less able to get around. She has arthritis in her elbows and hips, which makes her limp a bit, hop down stairs like a rabbit. Sometimes she looks so tired. She sleeps most of the day.

But, there are moments when she hears another dog outside, or maybe a knock at the door, and she is instantly ten years younger, bolting up the stairs, completely alert. She still gets excited, letting out a happy whine when I offer her treats, or mention the possibility of a walk.

Who knows, she may have five more years. I will be grateful for each of them.


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