cupI’ve had just enough coffee, which is a rare thing. Everyone understands not enough or too much coffee, but finding that “just enough” moment is often elusive.

The sunlight from a fantastically warm morning is filtering through the blinds. If I were smarter, I would stop writing these sentences and go outside.  Earlier, when I took the dog out, I stood on the porch and let the unusually warm pre-Spring wind blow around me. Winter winds have a particular smell and that smell was absent. I don’t believe winter is over, but for today I am not sad that is is in hiding.

While being outside would be a better choice, in all honesty, I adore the time I spend in my office. I love sitting here at this desk, trying to write, then looking up at the books and compact discs on the shelves across from me.

The guitars that are usually partially obscuring this view are out in the great room. A friend stopped over last evening and the two of us played songs together. Some of them were actually listenable. We share different tastes in music, but seem to enjoy playing similar songs on the guitar.

He doesn’t drink coffee, which is absolutely fine with me.

I am also spending this day listening to new (to me) music. My new favorite record label is Sargent House. If I see their name on the back of a CD, I will buy it. Artists found on this label include Russian Circles, Boris, Chelsea Wolfe, Marriages, Helms Alee and Deafheaven.


While my headphones are off in this photo, I am currently listening to a fine band by the name of Bosnian Rainbows. They are a clever little bunch.

It feels like a good start to the week.

On another note, I am trying to motivate myself to write a query letter for my book. I am struggling with how best to describe what I have written. I have finished another edit and feel that it is a much stronger book now. I am excited for people to read it.


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