Randomness of Lists-Part 3

1. I am remembering why I adored The Police when I was a young teenager.

2. Buying Compact Discs makes me very happy.

3. I would collect vinyl again if I had a better place to store it.

4. I think the disc drive on my laptop is dying. Several songs I have uploaded to iTunes are incomplete or skip.

5. I watched the Documentary “Sound City” for the second time last night. If you haven’t watched it, stop what you’re doing and do so now.

6. I had a huge crush on Joan Jett when I was 14. I followed that by crushing on Stevie Nicks. That is a conundrum to me.

7. Speaking of conundrums, should I tell you that I am sorry for the way I treated you 20 years ago, or should I just let that go?

8. One of my coffee mugs gave up the ghost today. I can’t decide if this is a good thing.

9. I had a moment of over-sensitivity today. I am ashamed of it. Do better, Ryan

1210. My 12 string guitar is my new favorite instrument.

11. I am embarrassed to say how long it has been since I changed strings on my guitars. I am working to fix that, one guitar at at time.

12. The Black Keys are really good (or is it “The Black Keys is really good”).

13. I still want to play music with other people. I have to get over being intimidated.

14. My grandfather loved wearing American flag apparel. He wore flag hats, shirts, pins, and coats. I do not love the flag nearly that much.

15. I really need to go to Ireland this fall.

16. I read a blog post  about my last trip to NYC. Of course, it made me desperate to return.

17. While I am thinking about travel, I am excited to go back to Cancun this summer.

18. I wasted much of my 20’s feeling sorry for myself. I refuse to do that with my 40’s.

19. I am terrified of sending out queries for my novel.

oddity20. This is a photo from Christmas 1993. I had been married less than 6 months.

21. That shirt is awesome, so shh.

22. My sister looks groovy in her purple shirt, purple hair and bangs.

23. The wallpaper in my grandparents house was pretty terrible.

24. I miss that watch.

25. A second novel idea is swimming in my head. It may come out very soon.

26. I discovered I can’t read other novels when working on my own writing.

27. I am already pondering a Halloween costume.

28. I never dress up for Halloween.

29. This list seems to have patterns. I don’t like patterns.

30. I can totally rock horizontal stripes (not pictured).


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