After the Storm

Strange. I have spent the last two and a half months working on, then editing my first novel. Almost every morning during that stretch has followed the same routine. Yesterday, I finished the first edit, sent it to a couple of volunteers who wanted to read the raw work. Now, I wait.

I am finding it hard to dive back into my old writing routine. Honestly, I still have my book on the brain. I have been staring at this WordPress page for twenty minutes, pondering what I might have to offer today. I didn’t want to talk about the novel, but it seems I have little else to say right now.

I am quite nervous, waiting for feedback. It was frightening enough, letting Sheryl read it when I knew it has glaring spelling errors and horrid punctuation. Now, I am fearful of hearing how badly it is written, that the story fails to achieve its goal. Sheryl enjoyed it, which says a lot, and I trust her judgement, but that tiny nagging little voice keeps rearing up.

I am fighting the urge to start another edit.

It makes little sense to revise any further, when I am relying on input before I make any more changes. I may end up rewriting parts that others find most successful. I need to be patient, collected, calm. When it comes to letting others read my writing, I am rarely those things.

I am looking for one or two more people who might be interested in reading the book, giving some quality feedback. I am interested in comments on what works, what doesn’t, timeline issues, bad writing moments, things of that nature.

Interested? Email me at and we can talk.


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