A Short Rant

It is better to live in a place where I have the ability to explain difficult things to my children, things that I might be morally opposed to, in my own words in the best way I can,  than live in a place where those things are done for me, or restricted by law.

I would rather my children be exposed to dangerous ideas, arming them with accurate information, so they can determine for themselves, which path they want to travel in life, than see them sheltered from what someone might consider wrong, out of some misguided notion of protection and preservation.

I want to be present when my children have questions, need advice, understanding that my advice might not be followed.

I do not blame the culture at large (media, television programs,or  internet influenced morality) for my mistakes, or those of my boys. I take full responsibility for my own mistakes and if my children are not fully prepared to make good decisions, the blame is more mine than that of any outside influence.

Be responsible. Take responsibility.

Some of my ideas came from –To the mosquitoes:

Annoyance from the parent, angry they had to explain something difficult to their child, blaming it on the television. Do better. 



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One response to “A Short Rant”

  1. Aaron Kammerman says :

    I agree. And no matter what we do, many people are trying to do the explaining to our kids: lawmakers, textbook authors, novelists, etc. That’s all part of mortality, though. Lehi told his posterity that we could not act unless we were influenced by good and evil. It comes down to our relationship with our kids; fostering one where they trust us (not necessarily believe everything we say [wait, did I say that?] but trust that we are acting with integrity to our own selves) and where they know that we love them and have their best interest at heart.
    To me, it is frustrating when lawmakers create programs that rescue people from their poor decisions–therefore cheating many from the opportunity of learning to take responsibility. Of course, some will call me heartless that I don’t want such programs, maybe ignoring the fact that I do much (aside from taxes) to help my neighbors lift themselves up.
    Yeah, responsibility is a good thing.

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