Things Come Together

Things fall apart.

Decorating continues at the new place and I am realizing I need lots of new things to hang on walls. It’s terrible, right? Having to buy art is just the WORST.  Life is indeed a struggle.
IMG_2435The kids started school and happily, they  both seem to love it. I convinced Destry to take beginning guitar, allowing him to borrow one of my instruments until he determines his love or hatred for learning to play.

I hope he loves it as I would be thrilled to have someone to play with every day.

Sheryl and I took our first walk around the lake and having someplace equally beautiful to explore as the walks around our old neighborhood made this area feel more like home.

IMG_2408The landscape is completely different with vast open spaces filled with wild grasses and thistles, and I do still miss the massive hills, the proximity to the mountains and the city, but the comfort I feel as I walk in my house convinces me it won’t be too long until everything around us is as familiar as anything in the old neighborhood.

My daily patters are still unsettled.  I find it harder than I expected to get into a writing schedule. A great deal of the uncertainty comes from still getting things put together in the house, kids returning to school and the obvious fact that I am in a completely different place, physically and emotionally.

I’m going to ride this out and see where the waves take me.

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