Up then Down

patioSummer temperatures sneaked up on Salt Lake the past few days. Yesterday, for the mother’s day festivities, the temperature was in the high 80’s. Lucky for the family, Sheryl and I finally put up some inexpensive (but oh so clever) shades. The patio was ten degrees cooler than usual, making for an extremely comfortable afternoon.

Funny, we spent way too many afternoons sweltering out on that patio and making it cooler took less than an hour of work.  Lesson learned? Meh, I doubt it.

Because I don’t participate in winter, I am always glad for its departure.  This past winter will not be missed, but I have to say, the early appearance of 90 degree weather is  too much too soon.

I refuse to complain much, or let the weather pass by unused. Saturday was perfect for yard work and today was perfect for a walk in the park.

photoThe part of me that enjoys laziness tried to convince me it was too warm, that I would feel sick after only a few minutes out and about. I am embarrassed to say that part of me is often very convincing.

It works its magic in any extreme of temperature. Too cold to ride the bike, too hot, blah blah. I should tell it to shut up more often.

Today, I suckered Kat into walking with me. We both burn like worms on rocks so heavy sunscreen was a must.

And no mistake, it was hot, almost too much so. There were several runners, including one fella with the largest discrepancy between upper and lower body that I have seen in quite sometime. This guy clearly loves shoulder presses and finds squats cumbersome. Another poor fellow out walking his dog had the misfortune of colliding with a low hanging branch as he wandered into the shade. Is it so wrong to find humor in men over 70, cursing like the world will end if they stop?  My eyes ran with sweat and sunscreen, which is always unpleasant, but we kept walking. Three laps and a cloud of dust (or pollen, ugh) later and we called it quits. Still, that’s a good three miles.

Confession-The only time I really crave soda  is after being out in this sort of heat. After tennis, after riding, after walking, I have to really make myself not get a coke. I succeeded again today. Tiny victories.


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One response to “Up then Down”

  1. Kat says :

    I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs. D’oh! I never learn.

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