Fun Ones

In the mood for something fun and fun to me often includes music. A while back I made a playlist for a party. That is always a delicate thing as you want the guests to enjoy your music. The songs  you choose set a theme and that theme sets a mood and that mood dictates the overall feel of the gathering. Think I’m crazy? Make a playlist of all heavy metal songs, then invite the church group over for brunch. Shudder to think!

Anyway, I wanted this party to be filled with laughter and smiles (as opposed to intense metaphysical and philosophical conversations, which would have required an entirely different set of songs, lots of jazz), and moments of “oh, not this song (laugh laugh laugh story as to why this song is oh so___)” and “YES! I love this one (story of why this song is so____).”  I pulled it off. It’s a gift.

Here are some of the songs I included. Feel free to use them at your own discretion. Make good choices, people.

Adam Ant-Strip (The video, man)

Toy Dolls-Olga, I Cannot (People know Nellie the Elephant, which I also used, but this song turns heads)

The Beautiful South-36D (No one thinks they know a Beautiful South song, then they remember this one)

Violent Femmes-American Music (A favorite of mine and it was my party)

Type O Negative-Cinnamon Girl (covers always make people stop and wonder)

2pac-California Love (Again, the video. Plus a rhyme with Elliot Ness gets props)

Prince-Raspberry Beret  (Oh yeah, Prince did have good songs)

Motley Crue-Kickstart My Heart (nothing brings out the hell yeah or the groan faster than a crue song)




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