Calm Like a…

Blissful morning and afternoon.

I woke to the ever increasing volume of the radio alarm. It seems I forgot to turn it down after listening to the iPod whilst doing some cleaning yesterday. I like waking to the radio, especially X96 talk radio. I have been listening to these cats for so many years, they feel like old pals. Usually, I will stay in bed, half asleep, half listening for a few minutes, letting my body wake up a bit more naturally. I pretend it makes me less tired and grumpy. The loud volume woke me right up and staying in bed seemed pointless.

Oats for breakfast, buried in half and half, brown sugar. Set up the coffeemaker and off to the shower. I love the scent of coffee brewing. It stirs the blood, the mind, the body. When I get out of the shower, dress and open the door to the living room, the house is filled with the pleasant coffee smell. That first cup…sigh.

The third is always the best.

Off to the desk and the daily paragraph (which has been nothing short of a brilliant idea). This morning, I wrote about a woman on the subway and her encounter with the same man, day after day. It is not finished (I love that something remains unfinished) so posting it is a while away. This is the third such instance, where a daily paragraph (or four) has sprouted into something of greater length. Without the pressure of expectation, it seems my brain actually has ideas (who knew).

Then I was off to meet Brooke for lunch. Eating burritos, swapping library stories (or tamales or Quesadillas, it’s all tortilla meat and cheese. Maybe some beans), to the point the server says “you don’t have to go”  then gives us the “but for the love of all that is holy, please go!” look.

I really enjoy spending time out and about with good friends. I need to do things like this more often.

streetThe weather has been odd. Pleasantly warm sunny mornings turning to thunder and rainy afternoons has been the trend all week (washing out three riding days. Do better).

Today was no exception. As I was crossing 300 south towards my beautiful 4Runner I caught a glimpse to the west. It demanded I take a photograph, then demanded I share it in multiple places.

The afternoon sky is beginning to clear and my boys are reading outside. I am pretty content and happy. I’m not about to let it all slip by without being grateful. Sheryl gets home soon. It can only get better.

It is a good day.


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