What I see

stuffThis is my desk. Sheryl’s is in the background. We share this office but I have to admit, I took the better position. She has the better desk. It seems a fair trade.

I spend a large portion of my day here. Almost everything I have blogged or written in the last year and a half has been worked through on this laptop, at this desk.

I filled the space with things I thought I wouldn’t mind seeing everyday. Some things are useful, like pens in mugs, a pad of paper, and a compressed air duster (dog hair in the keyboard cannot be tolerated).

Some things (An engraved rock memento from a friend and a family photo from a decade ago) are there to remind me of what is important, to keep me grounded and help me maintain focus.

A few other things are temporary and change from time to time. There is the book I am currently reading, a few CD’s (recent purchases), and a cup of some beverage or other. The laptop contains my entire music collection which grows at a consistent rate. Music is a constant at this desk and a good pair of headphones (they were on my ears when I took this picture, but you can see the cable) allows me to work at odd hours when others in the house may be sleeping, or need quiet.

Other things were not originally on the desk, but made their way there. A print of a mixed media piece by an artist I like sits just to the left of my laptop. A photo of girl in a devil cape, with horns and a pitchfork, most likely a Halloween costume, her eyes scratched out with black pen, placed in a drawing of a grove of trees leading to a sunlit meadow.  I bought it from her website about a year ago. It reminds me of the fragility of innocence, how quickly we all move from one phase of life to another. I have placed a playing card in the right corner of this image. On the card is the image of a skeleton with a halo. Interpret that the way you want. I am still unsure what I want it to mean.

On the far right is a painting created by my sister in law. I asked her to paint it. I picked the colors, and let her create whatever she felt needed creating. I think she worries I don’t like it or that it is not what I wanted or expected. Truth-I just wanted something she painted. I loved her style. She could have painted some dirt and a rock and I would have been thrilled by it. There is another painting of hers on top of a CD shelf behind the desk. I am starting my own collection.

Though I see these things every day, I do not take them for granted. I am acutely aware of them. It is just stuff, but carefully calculated stuff. It all has a purpose, whether practical, functional or inspirational.

I am finishing this post, listening to Arcade Fire, and looking out the window at the sun filled back yard. I can see the blossoms on the trees. The dog wanders around the planter boxes, sniffing at the scent of birds and cats.  It is part of why I chose this particular spot in the room. I  am looking again at all the things in front of me.  Life is good.



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