Not Where I Left it

The case I purchased last year for my iPhone decided to break. I tried using Super Glue but it only held for a few hours. Time to buy a new one. I decided to venture out of the house and go to the Apple store in the hope of a more varied selection.

It seems the Apple store is not where I remember it being. I am very glad I did not go there first, choosing to pick up inner tubes for the bicycle before heading down. I circled, there was no parking, then there was. I walked a bit, waited for the train to pass then wandered  the crosswalk to the outdoor shopping mall, otherwise known as…The Gateway!

It would be a good idea, if not for the large, cosmopolitan, City Creek Center that opened last year just blocks to the east (where I now remember, is where the Apple Store moved). There is little overlap in stores, but for some reason, the poor Gateway has been abandoned. It could be salvaged, made cool again. Start by forbidding automobiles to drive down the center road. It is a bit frustrating and nerve-wracking to have to cross a street full of impatient drivers when you decide to venture across to the Lucky Brand Jeans Store. A second good plan-If the owners have decided to revamp the entire shopping center (rumor says they have), remove the retail stores and change the entire place into restaurant space. People like to eat and having forty options in the same two block area would be forward thinking and well received.

But this story is about my search for the Apple Store, not my fabulous ideas for an outdoor restaurant district. I walked by the Depot (I saw Trampled by Turtles there), then around the corner where the Barnes and Noble rests, down the escalator that stops in front of the Olympic Fountain, turned right and…



At first, I thought I had lost my brain, and the store was never there, but I had walked with Kat through the doors when she had her notebook examined, when she needed her soaked iPhone repaired, when… well, you get the point.

My poor naked phone. It was too slippery without a case, constantly falling off things. It would only be a matter of time and chance before it broke. So, there I was, standing in the cold sunlight outside the now abandoned Apple Store baffled, confused, saddened. Such a disappointment, to have settled for another Speck case from the AT&T Gateway Location. Life, its bigger…yeah.


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