Six From the Pile

Went out music shopping. A few bands I enjoy had new releases and as is usually the case, I came across some stuff I had not expected to buy, but chose not to leave behind. I often wonder what the cashiers think of my music purchases, the chaotic nature of them. There was a time when I would feel silly buying certain music at local music stores, as if the worker would judge me harshly for my choices. Specific example-I wanted to grab the new release from Disturbed (this was a few years back), but I was at Graywhale CD. I actually bought three other discs, then drove to FYE to grab Disturbed. Ugh.

Now, I happily walk to that same counter with some used Bowie, a live John Coltrane  James Taylor and maybe some ABBA or Patsy Cline, if I feel like it. It is all good.

Yesterday I found six discs. An eclectic collection for sure-Jackson Browne, Running on Empty (old school but oh so tasty). Kvelertak, Meir (groovy dirty metal). Genesis, Turn it on Again, The Hits (Radio played Abacab the other day, had to get it). Device, self titled ( vocalist from Disturbed. I have a disease, I swear). Lana Del Rey, Paradise (she sings, I melt). Bryan Adams, Cuts Like  a Knife (have it on vinyl but paid 3$ for a CD version).

Listen to the tracks, find something new (or old) to like (or hate). Expand those horizons. It’s a big wide world of artists to enjoy. Don’t limit yourself.

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