Of Course I Did

Tool announced a few weeks ago they would be releasing a 21st anniversary edition of their first record, Opiate. At first I was excited, then I read a bit more. Only 5000 copies would be available. Ugh, so typical. I determined not to even try and get a copy. The extra perks (signed, new art work, exclusive packaging) only made me more frustrated. This band has constantly drove me insane with things like this .

Records are only released every five years at best. Live DVD’s and albums are promised, never realized. The public spokesperson (newsletters and news updates) is a pretentious, cryptic arse. Rather than just say what the story is, everything has to be in riddles or only hinted at.  This way, if things don’t come together, he gets to say-I never said blah blah. Some in the fan base eat this up, arguing that the rest of us don’t deserve to know what is going on and if we are not ready to work for it, we should find another band to like.

Ugh- Music, people!

We should be allowed to like it for whatever reason we want. I was drawn to Tool for the heavy sound and clever words. I personally like the layers to the songs, both musically and lyrically. Sometimes I like the surface meaning, the overt, often explicit nature of the songs. Other times, I like letting my mind swim and ponder the maybes. I also think it is just fine to like them because they are loud and you like it loud.

Wanting to know when a new CD is coming out should not be complicated and mystic. It’s pretentious in all the wrong ways.

When the pre-sale began for the new Opiate limited editions, I went to the website, sure in my conviction-I would not buy it. I clicked on the link, convinced all the pre-sale items would be gone. They weren’t.

It couldn’t hurt to just look, right?

I looked and really liked. It was cool stuff. Five different editions with different colors, symbols and designs. It looked well put together and it fed the fan in me. Any real fan would want to own something this unique. Curious to the price, I looked again. 150 dollars. What the hell. Ouch! No way would I fork out that kind of money for 6 songs I already owned.

Ouch. Though, it did have clever packaging, all the band signed it. It is very, very unique.

Ouch? I could still walk away. Just close the page and feel good I stuck to my conviction. I didn’t have to buy it. Yeah, right.

Of course I bought it. My hypocrisy is stuff of legend. Admitting it has to count for something.

Anyway, you should at least get to hear some of the songs I like from this band. A track from each record. The songs are quite long, but worth the effort.

Sweat– Opiate. Early stuff from the 90’s but the elements are all there. Heavy riffs, clever lyrics.

Crawl Away-Undertow. The music is getting tighter and the song structure better. Undertow was the first Tool record I bought and I liked most of it, not all.

Pushit-Aenima. My favorite Tool song, ever. It always amazes how more complex this record was than anything previous. It  came out a year and a half after Undertow. I like to point this out when people argue great art takes longer.

The Grudge-Lateralus. This song is really too good for its own face. The time changes, the drumming, magnificent. And it has such a positive message (insert giggle here).

Cover of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter-Salival. Someone claims this song was played at the 98 show in Salt Lake. I don’t remember hearing it, but I guess I could have been otherwise occupied for fifteen minutes.

Jambi-10,000 Days’. Underrated record in my opinion. Seems it wasn’t mystical enough for some fans. I found it refreshing.

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