Mercy Me

A good missionary friend of mine entrusted me with a box full of keepsakes. He knew I was going home soon and wanted to save himself some postage. He handed me the box, I gave him a paper with my home phone number and address. I went home, expecting to hear from him soon.

So, I waited.

And waited.

Waited some more, then waited again.


well you get the picture. He never contacted me. Six months after I returned home, I cracked the box open,  pure curiosity finally getting the best of  me. Inside, I found several comic books, some cassette tapes, and five CD’s of various artists. One of the bands, Caterwaul, I had never heard of (they ended up being very good). Another band, Sisters of Mercy, this friend introduced me to when we first met. I had almost forgotten about them and quickly put the CD in the player.  Such a great band. I went out the next Saturday and bought the rest of their collection.  I think you should all listen to them as well.


No Time to Cry– From Fist Last and Always. My least favorite record, but this song reminds me of The Cult during the Love era.

This Corrosion-Floodland. One of my favorite songs. Long and not long enough.

1959-Also from Floodland. This song makes me melancholy, and I like it.

When You Don’t See Me-Vision Thing. The most accessible album, most mainstream, but still totally Sisters.

More-Vision Thing. My favorite Sisters track. Long and not long enough.

And finally, Temple of Love, which I first heard on the Greatest hits collection A Slight Case of Overbombing.

Two years after my friend would have been home, I figured I’d waited long enough, I sold the discs I didn’t want along with the cassettes. I sold the comics to a friend at the library in 2006. He should have left me an address, yeah?

For giggles, check out this song from Caterwaul as well.

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