The Gem

Everything worth reading about Johnny Cash has already been written.

I am going to add my voice to many others praising the end of his career as the best part of it. If you somehow have avoided listening to his American albums, repent now and do better. Rick Rubin and Cash put out 6 of the best records I have ever heard. Most of the songs are covers, many of them including guest artists, each song signature Cash. The emotion these songs carry often overwhelms me. Cash knew he was at the end of not only his epic music career, but his life and he sings the songs he wants to, the way he wants to, with who he wants.

Don’t forget to listen to every song on the box set of outtakes and alternate tracks as well. Unearthed is worth twice what you will pay for it.

I am grateful for this music. You should be too.

Down There by the Train– from American Recordings

Rusty Cage-From Unchained, this version is from the Jay Leno performance.

I Won’t Back Down-From Solitary Man

Sam Hall– From When the Man Comes Around.

Help Me– From A Hundred Highways.

For the Good Times-From Ain’t no Grave. The first of this video has a very cheesy soundtrack but points out this record was recorded after the Death of June Carter Cash.

Devil’s Right Hand-From Unearthed. This is so amazing. Just Cash and a dirty electric guitar. A perfect song.



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