Because I Needed to Smile

Found my Jeep (Penelope) for sale. Made me a little sad to think of her waiting, but then pleased she was up for grabs. Such a great car.

After the past few days of me ranting (rant rant rant) about stuff I should most likely have kept my mouth shut about, I feel the need for something less serious, less controversial.

I started thinking about cleaning, which lead me to music (regularly on when I clean). When I sat down to type, Isis was on the iTunes, ready for listening, which always clears my head, sets me right. I remembered the times seeing them in concert, the heaviness of the sound and the almost trance like moments I shared. The most relaxed I have ever been at a concert.

Contrast that with seeing Erasure at the old Park West amphitheater. Nervous on the way up, nervous walking from the car to the gate. Nervous during the first act. Typical, always afraid of something, someone, usually without cause. Talking with her helped.

Still cant figure out why it took me another six months after this show to realize Andy Bell was gay. It really was a fantastic show.

I don’t even remember her name, only that she was a year older than me, just graduated, which usually meant I would be intimidated. I wasn’t. We flirted, nothing more, but it is a pleasant memory. Tiny touches bringing goose flesh and shudders. I am happy.



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